Rocky Mountain PACE Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Colorado Springs, CO – Rocky Mountain Health Care Services (RMHCS) is celebrating 10 years of providing exceptional, coordinated care to seniors through PACE this December. Rocky Mountain PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) serves approximately 650 seniors in the Pikes Peak Region by meeting all their medical needs from primary to specialty care as well as providing physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapies. PACE also offers home health and home care services and transportation for medical appointments. The PACE Day Center encourages socialization and recreational opportunities while offering delicious meals, nutritional and spiritual counselling, movement classes, arts and crafts and more.

For participants in the program, Rocky Mountain PACE can be a life-changing experience. Laura Huckabey has visited the PACE Day Center continuously for over eight years. “I look forward to my three days at PACE. It gets me out of the house and see a lot of people I care about.”

The growth of PACE is a milestone for participants. “The first day I started, we were on Robinson Street and we only had 3 buses. Now we have a big building and I see PACE buses all the time!”

There will be a celebration for current participants in the Rocky Mountain PACE program. Nate Olson, President and Chief Executive Officer of RMHCS, is looking forward to the milestone. “We have come a long way in the past 10 years, and I’m excited to see PACE continue to grow with the increasing senior population in the Springs. We’re proud to serve as partners in our participants’ well-being, helping them live as independently and actively as long as possible.”

Laura echoed Nate’s statement on the impact that PACE makes in her life. “PACE has been a blessing to me. If I had to pay for all the medical work I’ve had done, I would be broke. Without PACE, there would be more people in nursing homes, and some people would just die because they couldn’t afford their medications. When choosing between medicine and food, I will go without the medicine! We are so lucky to have a PACE program. Some cities don’t have it and they need it. I wish every city had PACE.”

The mission at Rocky Mountain Health Care Services is to improve lives, optimize wellness, and promote independence. The nonprofit organization works towards this goal through programs designed to meet the specific needs of individuals living in El Paso County. The programs of RMHCS have served the community since 1976.

To learn more, please visit or contact Summer Galceran at 719-466-8777 or for further information.