10 Things to Know about PACE

Rocky Mountain PACE is a nonprofit that serves select zip codes in El Paso county. We provide coordinated health care to adults 55 & older to keep them healthy, happy and independent. Here are 10 things we want people to know about Rocky Mountain PACE:

    1. PACE is a nationwide program! There are approximately 129 PACE programs in 31 states.                   Map of US showing PACE locations


    1. 95% of seniors enrolled in PACE programs live independently in their communities.Man standing in front of his house


    1. PACE saves taxpayer dollars! Each State pays its PACE program 13% less on average than the cost of caring for a comparable population through other Medicaid services, including nursing homes and home/community-based waiver programs.


    1. PACE provides high quality outcomes for its participants. On average PACE enrollees experience reduced hospital admissions, decreased rehospitalizations and reduced ER visits. This is because PACE provides seniors better preventative care.


    1. Despite being at a nursing home level of care, PACE participants have a much lower risk of being admitted to nursing homes. Instead, most seniors stay in their homes independently longer.


    1. 97.5% of family member caregivers would recommend PACE to someone in a similar situation. More than 58% of those caregivers experienced less burden after their family member enrolled in PACE.  


    1. PACE integrates and coordinates care for participants across all medical settings including their medications, transportation and meals.


    1. Each PACE participant has an Interdisciplinary Team coordinating their health plan to ensure they get the best individualized care possible.


    1. Rocky Mountain PACE provides transportation for participants to and from medical appointments, or so they can have a meal and socialize in our day center.


    1. Participants are the most important members of their PACE team!


If you have a family member or friend that you think could benefit from Rocky Mountain PACE, please reach out to us at 719-314-2327