The simple act of finding transportation to medical care can make all the difference in achieving independence and maintaining health for so many individuals.

HealthRide provides non-emergent transportation for individuals who need a ride to and from medical appointments.

About HealthRide

We created HealthRide in 2014 to provide non-emergent transportation for individuals who need a ride to and from medical appointments.

Beyond just providing a vehicle, HealthRide pairs highly trained drivers with patient support to ensure riders arrive on-time to appointments.

Patients know the HealthRide drivers will be prompt to safely pick them up and ensure they check in on-time for their appointments.

This type of coordinated care ensures clients stay on the road to good health.

Please note this program is currently only offered to those who are current participants in our Rocky Mountain PACE and BrainCare programs.

How we complete your road to health

Beyond door-to-door service

If you need extra assistance, we’ve got you covered. We can provide a bus attendant for clients to assist people from their homes into their appointment, to ensure they arrive safely.

Coordinated care, not just travel

We provide up to three phone calls (at the time of appointment, the day before the appointment, and the day of the appointment).

This proactive communication between our staff and clients is uncommon in transportation services. It helps us be aware of and solve any challenges that might affect someone’s ability to keep a health care provider appointment.

Specially trained drivers & attendants

Our staff aren’t just skilled drivers, they have specialized training in the following areas to improve the care we give them through HealthRide:

  • Non-violent crisis intervention
  • Safety procedures for lift operation, wheelchairs, gait belts, and restraints
  • Oxygen supplies
  • Defensive driving techniques
The bus team is fantastic because they are very patient and communicate with me. Everyone acts in a professional manner.
— PACE participant