The PACE model of care—Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly—is considered the gold standard
of care for seniors nationwide.


Seniors who work with our team receive medical and support services to empower them to live as independently
as possible in their own home or living community. Our goal is to help seniors maintain the highest level
of independence as possible.


PACE provides comprehensive, integrated services for seniors.

From medical and wellness needs to social and other support services, our team is here to keep you or your loved one’s health
on the right track.


Our medical partners provide exceptional care in our clinic, living facilities and through office visits. The best part?
All appointments and visits are coordinated through us.



This is a great place to start, and we are always a phone call away if you need more assistance. We’d love to hear from you.

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I joined PACE to regain my dignity. I feel like I’ve done that. I’m learning a lot here which goes to show you—it’s never
too late to learn how to handle things better and enjoy your life.
— PACE participant