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Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

Older adults have unique, ever-changing needs. PACE—Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly—enriches the lives of older adults because of the comprehensive, integrated services we provide. Our goal is to help older adults maintain the highest level of independence possible.

Rocky Mountain PACE is the only national PACE program in the Pikes Peak region, providing and coordinating all necessary medical care to meet the health care needs of older adults in our community. Older adults and their families do well if they have a role in their own health and we see ourselves as partners in their well-being.

From their physical, social and emotional health, to the simple things like transportation and supportive services that help them access their care, we partner with older adults in keeping them as independent as possible.

Rocky Mountain PACE participants must receive all needed healthcare, including primary care and specialty physician services (other than emergency services) from Rocky Mountain PACE contracted providers. Rocky Mountain PACE participants may be fully and personally responsible for costs of any unauthorized out-of-network services.



Adult Day/Health Center

Recreational activities

Educational classes


Transportation services

Case management to coordinate services

Home health care

Personal care and laundry services

Respite care


Nutritious meals and snacks

Homemaker services

Recreation therapy


Home health care

Medication Management

Physical Therapy


Physical and occupational therapy

Emergency, hospital and nursing home care when needed

All necessary prescription drugs with no co-pay

Medical Specialists

Medical Clinic with physicians and nurses specializing in older adults

Skilled home health care

How does Rocky Mountain PACE compare?

Our participants experience their health care delivery with a coordinated, holistic and integrated approach. Our team discusses health care treatment options from many vantage points which gives our participants a strong likelihood for healthy outcomes.

Doctors who actually know your name and your medical history.

Our providers are unique in seeing our participants’ “full picture” of health. They are keenly aware of all of the medications, diseases, challenges and complications a participant may face. Health care is complex and keeping it centralized improves care.

Easy Transportation

Our transportation department means safe and accessible transportation is always available for every appointment. Our friendly drivers make sure participants check-in to their appointment smoothly and on time.

Truly Coordinated Care

Our interdisciplinary team keeps every provider on the same page to ensure our participants’ health needs never fall through the cracks. Health care often involves multiple providers, medications and transitions. We work hard to make it easy for you to make informed decisions about your care.

Beyond Health Care

We know that older adults’ well-being is not just limited to the physical needs, but emotional and social interactions as well. We address the whole person when we look at their health care needs.

Stress-free Health Care Management

Our interdisciplinary team coordinates and partners with older adults and their loved ones on every aspect of care to simplify keeping our participants independent and healthy as possible.

Benefits of PACE

Rocky Mountain PACE delivers all needed medical and supportive services to older adults with chronic care needs while maintaining independence in their homes for as long as possible. Rocky Mountain PACE services include the following:

  • Adult day center
  • Nursing
  • Physical, occupational and recreational therapies
  • Nutritious meals
  • Social work
  • Home health care and personal care
  • Medical care provided by an onsite PACE physician familiar with the history, needs, and preferences of each participant
  • All necessary prescription drugs
  • Medical specialties with contracted providers
  • Respite care
  • Emergency, Hospital and nursing home care when needed
  • Transportation to and from Rocky Mountain PACE and to specialty providers
  • And more! As this is not a complete list of services, please contact us with any questions concerning our services

Eligibility Requirements

Rocky Mountain PACE can enroll individuals who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • At least 55 years old
  • Living in our PACE service area
  • Certified by the State of Colorado as needing nursing home-level care
  • Able to live safely in the community with PACE services at the time of enrollment

We currently serve these zip codes in El Paso county and continue to add more as we receive requests to serve new areas.

80817, 80829, 80903, 80904, 80905, 80906, 80907, 80909, 80910, 80911, 80914, 80915, 80916, 80917, 80918, 80919, 80920, 80922, 80923, 80924, 80925, 80927, 80939, 80951

Eligibility & Benefits FAQs

Who is eligible for PACE?

You are eligible if you or your loved one are:

• 55 years of age and older

• Eligible for nursing home services by State of Colorado

• Live in an area served by PACE


Areas served by Rocky Mountain PACE

We currently serve the following zip codes and continue to add more as we receive requests to serve new areas:


How is someone referred to PACE?

The first step is to call our intake to team to schedule an in-person assessment. Anyone can make this call including the potential participant, family member or provider in the community. The PACE intake team can be reached at 719-314-2327 or TTY at 800-659-2656. Once our clinician completes a preliminary assessment and determines if the person meets enrollment criteria and would be a good fit, the potential participant will visit the clinic to learn more. Please know all participants are in the PACE program voluntarily.

Are people who do not qualify for Medicaid eligible for PACE enrollment?

Yes. If a person meets the income and assets limits to qualify for Medicaid, the program pays for a portion of the monthly PACE premium. Medicare pays for the rest. If a person does not qualify for Medicaid, he or she is responsible for the portion of the monthly premium Medicaid would pay. PACE staff can help determine a person’s Medicaid eligibility.

How long does it take for someone to enroll in the program?

The process can take anywhere from as little as two weeks to as long as two months, depending on several factors including benefits. We pride ourselves on helping the person make the transition into PACE as smoothly as possible and typically there is a good amount of paperwork involved which our team helps the person complete. Please know participants can both enroll and dis-enroll at any time.

How much does it cost?

I am eligible for: Medicaid

There is no cost to me for PACE services.


I am eligible for: Medicare & Medicaid

There is no cost to me for PACE services.


I am eligible for: Medicare only

We can arrange a private pay rate to cover the Medicaid costs.


I am not eligible for: Medicare or Medicaid

We can arrange a private pay rate to cover the Medicare and Medicaid costs.

What types of services does PACE offer?

PACE is designed to meet all the medical needs of an individual. We do this through highly coordinated management of the person’s individual needs. We provide medication management, coordination of all doctor and specialist appointments, transportation to medical appointments, home health care, case management, medical equipment needs, personal care and counseling services to those who require these supports. In addition, we also provide socialization and recreation opportunities through our Day Center. Our goal is to keep the person as highly independent as possible.

Are prescription drugs covered?

Yes. All prescription and non-prescription drugs deemed necessary by the PACE interdisciplinary care team are paid for by the PACE program.

What happens if a person wants to leave PACE?

A PACE participant is free to dis-enroll from PACE and resume their benefits in the traditional Medicare and Medicaid programs at any time.

Download a copy of our Disenrollment procedure here.

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