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Join us on a tour of our day center, clinic and rehabilitation gym and learn more about what we do for older adults.

Our goal is to help our participants Life Life, Live Happier, Live Healthier, Live Independently, and Live Better. Let our participants tell you in their own words how Rocky Mountain PACE has made a difference in their lives.

Meditation & Information

Guided Meditation:


GrandPad Training


Fall Statistics & Prevention

Tai Chi for Beginners

Seated Tai Chi-Y:


Tai Chi-Y for Core Strengthening and Flexibility:


3 Tai Chi Movement Patterns:


Tai chi 5 minutes a day for beginners:

Seated Exercises

Warm Up:


Moving to the Music:


Strength Training:


Cool Down:


Magazine Page Butterfly Craft:


6 Crafts:


Painting Rocks:


Create a Dreamcatcher:


Create a Pinecone Holiday Craft:


Healthy Smoothie Recipe:


No Bake Energy Balls:

Memory Support

Memory Habits & Strategies:


Cognitive Activities:


2 Minute Memory Test:


Habits to Help your Memory:


Brain Exercises:

Trivia, Jokes & Riddles Playlists

Trivia with Rec Therapy:


Jokes with Jenica:

The Trivia Channel

WeQYouA Channel

7-Second Riddles

Chair Yoga

Gentle Warm up and routine:

Gentle leg movements:

Improve leg circulation and range of movements:


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