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Meditation & Information

Guided Meditation:


GrandPad Training


Fall Statistics & Prevention

Tai Chi for Beginners

Seated Tai Chi-Y:


Tai Chi-Y for Core Strengthening and Flexibility:


3 Tai Chi Movement Patterns:


Tai chi 5 minutes a day for beginners:

Seated Exercises

Warm Up:


Moving to the Music:


Strength Training:


Cool Down:


Magazine Page Butterfly Craft:


6 Crafts:


Painting Rocks:


Create a Dreamcatcher:


Create a Pinecone Holiday Craft:


Healthy Smoothie Recipe:


No Bake Energy Balls:

Memory Support

Memory Habits & Strategies:


Cognitive Activities:


2 Minute Memory Test:


Habits to Help your Memory:


Brain Exercises:

Trivia, Jokes & Riddles Playlists

Trivia with Rec Therapy:


Jokes with Jenica:

The Trivia Channel

WeQYouA Channel

7-Second Riddles

Chair Yoga

Gentle Warm up and routine:

Gentle leg movements:

Improve leg circulation and range of movements:


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