No Joke, Laughter is Good for You


Have you heard the joke about the guy who thought laughing was a bad thing? We haven’t either.

Think about a moment in your life that really made you laugh out loud (LOL, depending on your preference). Maybe it was something you read or watched. Perhaps it was a story your friend shared with you. This moment probably stirred more than just a chuckle.

Chances are just thinking about this funny subject put a smile on your face—which is great!

Here are some things laughter does for you that you may not realize. Laughter:

  • Releases endorphins, also known as those happy chemicals in the body which create an overall feeling of relaxation
  • Promotes friendship and better bonds with others
  • Helps build resiliency during stressful situations
  • Relieves stress and even relaxes muscles
  • Improves well-being and mood
  • Changes your perspective

Try making time to play, joke and laugh each day. If you have not done any of these recently maybe today is the day to begin. Here is a list of ideas to help you get started:

  • Wash a dog or cat.
  • Surround yourself with funny people.
  • Seek out “daily humor” web sites, books or comics.
  • Goof off or play a game with kids (and adults too).
  • Visit a local comedy club.
  • Watch a funny show you love.

This short list is designed only to help you get started. Adding laughter to your day will add quality to your life.